Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Is My Confession: Part 5

Wedding Planning Continued...
Dillon chose his long-time friend Tim Ellen as his best man, and I banged my head against the wall trying to choose a bridesmaid. In the movies, I would automatically have three best girlfriends and we would do everything together and you would call me Carrie Bradshaw. However, I had a history of ‘girl issues’, I do everything with Dillon, and I don’t have my face printed on the side of any buses so I must not be Carrie Bradshaw. Until recently, I struggled with hanging out with other girls because of a serious superiority complex. Chi Alpha has taught me what sisterhood really is and has given me some lifelong friends whom I know I can always count on. They are my prayer warriors and my audience, depending on what I need that day. Living in community with some of these girls has taught me how important transparence and vulnerability is among true friends. Most of the people I am closest to now I had known for less than a year at the time of wedding planning, and many of them live too far away to really help me plan anything. It just seemed like no one’s life corresponded with mine this summer! After fighting with myself and with Dillon over who I should choose, and deciding I was going to buy a bridesmaid mannequin to stand next to me at the wedding, a thought occurred to me. Bridesmaid doesn’t have to be a girl...ya know? Step aside typical folks, there’s a rebel with a Man of Honor coming through.
I chose Travis Finch as my man of honor and his mom took over the responsibility of co-hosting a shower, since he would have felt totally awkward doing so. He was there in spirit, and in gift, as he sent me an owl-shaped vase for my apartment. An atypical gift for an atypical friendship!

The rest of my wedding planning contained just as much stress over choices, but none that seemed to be as hard as picking someone to stand next to me while I said my vows. We began the hunt for a wedding dress. We exhausted all of the consignment shops in Paragould and Jonesboro, scouring for a deal since we do have a little human to save money for, and found exactly 2 appropriate dresses. One was too small and one was just not me, so the search continued. David’s Bridal in Memphis was a total bust due to a rude worker who wrote us off because we weren’t going to be her big sale of the day, so we made our way back to Bay and hit up Jessica’s Bridal and Formal. Here is where the magic happened. The dress I had been looking for was here, with a price tag that for many would have seemed normal or even low, but like I said...little Aunt Debbie paid for the excess cost, and I started to feel like this wedding was going to be worthwhile after all.
           The dress was empire waist in order to flow over my tiny belly. Little did I know just how valuable this empire waist was until we had to cut out the inner lining on my wedding day because I had grown so much since the last fitting! It’s the little ‘disasters’ like this that make for great stories.

Tossing the bouquet to some of the girls.
Dillon's sister Brooklyn (16) who caught the bouquet. Daddy said, "No, she's not next!"

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