Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chi Alpha VMA's 2013

I stopped writing for a while because I didn't think I could keep up with the calliber of some of my previous posts. I would compose stories with the intentions of evoking some grand response from my readers, but then I realized that the blogs I follow are written about everyday life. I want to share in everyday life with people, and most likely you want to do the same. Duh...what was I thinking?

My topic today, however, is quite grand. On Saturday evening, Roman and I attended the 2013 Chi Alpha VMA's (video music awards). This is is a red carpet affair which showcases videos created by teams of Chi Alpha (XA from here on) staff, interns, leadership, and dgroupies. In the past it was sort of a free-for-all where each dgroup was given the choice of creating a video or not. This year we have about 50(ish) dgroups, so there was no way that would work. Instead, dgroups were paired together with a member of the XA Film Team in attempts to build community between all involved. This worked on some levels and fell apart on others, but that's not incredibly important.
At the VMA's, each video was played and everyone was given a chance to vote for 5 different awards.
Best Picture
Best Cinematography
Best Choreography
Best Message
Best Ensemble

In the past, many of the videos have been downright silly, and while I love a silly video, I also love the videos that are emotional, evoke responses, and tell a story. We had several videos this year that gave me chills and challenged me. What's even cooler is that after sharing them with my mom, she said she wanted to share them with the youth pastor at her church. Coming from a town that I think is SO incredibly broken and desperately needs the Lord, I couldn't be more excited.
I just wanted to use this post to share those videos with any of you who might read this  in hopes that you would be challenged as well. Not all of them are super serious. My group's video (which won best choreography) is a Christian parody of Gangnam Style.

Here is where you can find the Chi Alpha YouTube channel with all of the videos, past and present.

The winner for Best Message was Open Letter.
The winner for Best Cinematography was Rise.
The winner for Best Choreography was DGroup Style. My video: starring me, my husband, and son!
The winner for Best Ensemble was Disney Compilation
The winner for Best Picture was Filthy Man.

Please feel free to share these videos with your friends, teens or college students, youth groups, churches, or anyone! But remember to give Chi Alpha and the amazing directors credit. Thank you!

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