Sunday, March 17, 2013

Roman is 3 Months!

Today my sweet boy is 3 months old! Time has truly flown and I have loved every single moment of being his Mommy. Never did I imagine I would be able to love someone with such unconditional, overflowing, joyful, tearful, passionate love. The love between a Mama and her boy is so different from any love you can imagine...even the best of loves such as Daddy/Daughter (I do love my Daddy sooo so much), or even Husband/Wife love (and we know Dillon is the love of my life, forever and ever amen!). Our happy little love has grown up so much in 3 months and I am incredibly proud of him. Every time he does something new, my heart swells up and I think I'll burst with pride and joy. Just this week, I was making a list (and posted it to Facebook) of all the milestones he has met thus far. I'll recap:

Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz
Height: Just over 2 feet tall! wow!
Physical: rolls to his side, kicks his legs, bats at toys above him, can grab his paci and pull it out of his silly little mouth, can grab lightweight things such as rags or the string that clips his paci to his clothes, can hold up his head and chest, smiles socially (that grin is contagious!), can go from a laying back position to an upright sitting position
Cognitive: talks nonstop (coos, says syllables like "ma, ba, ga", yells, and I swear if you say "I love you" he will mimick some gibberish that sounds like he's saying it back), makes eye contact and holds his gaze steady, is very alert, can soothe himself half the time by sucking his fingers, knows who his Mommy and Daddy are, misses us when we're gone, freaks out when he sees us after waking up or if someone else has been holding him

Other: He is eating every 2-4 hours (he goes longer during the day and during sleep time, but in the evening he is a cluster feeder and tends to eat closer together) and is 95% breast fed. He takes about 4-5 oz of formula if he is home with Dillon while I'm in class and just CANNOT wait until I get home to eat. Recently he has been having explosive diarrhea (I know you want to hear that) so we took him to the doctor and they suggested I try taking all milk out of my diet. This has been pretty hard because milk is in so many things! However, I am willing to do any and everything as well as make all sacrifices for the health of my love. So far we have not seen great results, but it has only been about 4 days since we began the new diet. If we don't see results in 2 weeks, we will reconsider what may be causing it. Also he has been diagnosed with reflux and is on medicine twice daily.
He sleeps with us in bed still, but I have been putting him in his crib in his own room for naps every day. This week is our Spring Break (woo!) so I have plenty of time to start training him to sleep in his crib at night. Right now he is waking up once in the middle of the night for feedings, so it is manageable for me to get up and take care of this. I am praying he will start sleeping all night soon! He has cradle cap and a lot of his hair is starting to fall out. I think his big boy hair is coming in and I am seeing some golden hues, but it is still brown through and through. Nothing we have tried helps the cradle cap. Trying baby oil next, then coconut oil.

A First: The day before he turned 3 months, we went to an archery tournament in Hot Springs to watch my little brother shoot his bow and arrows! While we were there, Daideo (my dad) let Roman suck on a banana. Roman was lunging forward as if he really wanted it, so my dad just let him get ahold of it. He did not actually bite off any of it, nor did he swallow any banana. He just sucked on it and got some of the flavor. He absolutely loved it and it was so cute to watch.
Another First: Roman met a dog this week. It was a 9 week old Chihuahua named Vada. He was not sure what to make of her, especially when she licked his nose!

3 Month Old Likes: blowing spit bubbles, laying on his side in bed next to Mommy, play mat with 'his friends' as we call them (the owls and other animals that dangle from the top of the playmat), baths and splish spashing, physical therapy time with Daddy, talking to Mommy and Daddy, brown blanket with the polka dots (so soft)
3 Month Old Dislikes: the taste of his reflux medicine, waiting to eat when he's so hungry, tummy time, having the cradle cap picked out of his hair, when people try to hold him like a newborn instead of letting him be upright

Nicknames we have called him: Little Love, Buddy, Baby Heart, Baby Bear, Sweet Silly, Silly Willy, Silly Monkey, Baby Love, Sweetheart

I just can't get enough of this little boy. He is my everything!

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