Saturday, May 4, 2013

4 Month Catch-Up

Today, as I sit in my apartment with the heat on (on MAY 4th)(It's 45* here in Arkansas), I decided to write about my little man.  He is not only the biggest blessing in my life, but the biggest source of joy.
And let me tell you, he can do so many things!

As of today, Roman is 4 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days (actually 2 days, 22 hours, & 25 minutes) old. But who's counting?

He still has his long brown hair and dark blue eyes that everyone told me would change, but hasn't! At his 4 month doctor appointment, he weighed 17 lbs, 1 oz and was 26.5 inches tall. Compare this to the 7 lb 11.5 oz, 19.25 inch tall newborn he was, and he is one big boy!
At this same appointment, he got his 4 month shots (which is just a booster of the 2 month shots. Why do they need a booster just 2 months later? Beats me.). He is seriously the worst at getting shots, and it breaks this mama's heart. Within a second of the needle hitting his fat little leg, his face gets red, his mouth pops open as wide as it can go and a forceful wail errupts from his tiny (yet very very strong) lungs. It's Daddy's job to hold the screaming boy during shots, and Mommy's job to calm him down after they're done.

Over the past month, he has been extremely fussy. He has had some bowel issues that I won't go into, but let's just say we've introduced prune juice to his diet. ....And he likes it. Also, he his gums have been super hard as his teeth start getting ready to come in. No teeth have broken the surface of his gums yet, but he chews hard on everything in sight. He will hold his paci in certain places on his gums and chew it instead of sucking. Lately, we have been giving him teething tablets -- tiny, quick dissolving, homeopathic tablets -- which make him feel a little more normal. I took one to see what it was like, and although nothing on me was hurting, I felt like it was a boost of happy feelings.

He has also developed a few new skills over the past month. He can now easily and quickly roll over from back to tummy and tummy to back. He can also lay on his side and balance. These new skills have given him a newfound love for tummy time. Those of you who are worried about your child hating tummy time, just wait! Our love used to detest tummy time and would cry to be turned over or picked up. Now, you can't keep him on his back for more than a few seconds. He will roll over and begin inch-worming his way off the blanket and around the living room.
That's right, our boy is mobile!
He will stick out one leg and use it to steer while he presses his face and chest into the ground and pushes off. This, combined with his arms flailing around like he is drowning in a pool, propels him wherever he needs to go.

Gone are the days when I can lay him on a blanket and expect him to be in the same place when I turn back around. He will be off the blanket, under his swing, with the manufacturer's tag in his mouth. When he sees he's been caught, he will flash me the most mischevious little toothless grin. I love it!

He has also started reaching out for things. "Things" may include: every piece of food you eat in his presence, cups, full plates, pieces of paper, his paci, PHONES, or your face.

Roman and I with one of my high school friends, Elizabeth, and her 7 month old boy Landon
The babies were checking each other out.
This was their first time to meet.

I am so enjoying being the mom of this babe. He is developing so quickly and making me so proud with every passing day.

--Also, we found a fantastic, loving, babysitter for Roman this summer while Dillon and I are in summer classes, trying to make up for the ones we had to drop last semester due to having a newborn and all. Praise God for a loving, Christian, woman to babysit our lovey. And I know someday soon (soon is a relative word) she will want to have her own family, so this is great pratice. Happy day!(:

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