Saturday, August 24, 2013


I am so pumped to launch my new blog design to you, and it just wouldn't be right if I didn't brag on the designer! After deciding that I wanted to take the next step with my blog in order to look more professional, because I feel like content is more well-received if it is aesthetically pleasing, I began to hunt around for a good designer. I, myself, do not posses any of the skills needed to design a blog. I write. That's it. I am a regular follower of 3 Ladies & Their Gent and I really liked Amber's layout, so I looked into her designer:
because making pretty things should be fun

What an awesome tagline! It just drew me in right away. The prices are fair. The services she provided were exactly what I needed, and most of all, she listened to exactly what I wanted and provided a great design. I mean look at this. Look. At. This. It's gorgeous. If any of you have blogging needs, contact Aubrey and you will not be let down! You don't have to redo your whole look either. If you just need a few services or tweaks, she does a la cart services as well. Check it out. 

I'll give you a run down of this week with the Alexanders:
I've already told you that Sunday was move in day for Freshmen, so we participated in that and met so many lovelies. I feel really good about some of the friendships that have started forming. Monday and Tuesday were spent relishing in our last days of freedom and going on campus to make friends. 

Wednesday, we decided to take Roman to his daycare for an hour to let him visit and play. It was our chance to observe him with the other babies and to feel more comfortable leaving him. We were able to explore his class, talk to his teachers, and see what a genuine day would look like. We just stopped in without notice, so we knew that was what it would always look like. We were very pleased with the staff, the student/teacher ratio, and the overall environment. 
Roman sat down in the floor and just stared at everything at first. This kid has been around less than a handful of children in his 8 months, so suddenly being around 15 was crazy for his little mind! After a minute, he began to crawl and play with toys. We stood back and let him do his thing. He is currently the oldest in his class and the most mobile, so he might get moved up to the class with more crawlers soon, but for now he will start in the class with the youngest children. A few other girls were crawling and one other was pulling up, but he was by far the quickest. We may have a problem with him touching the other kids too violently. I don't want to say he is hitting, because he doesn't do it to be purposefully cruel, he just wants to explore and doesn't understand that we don't touch people's eyeballs. haha
I did so well and was actually happy to see him playing, but later when I visited a few friends, I just completely lost it out of nowhere and bawled like a baby. We're still praying that all 3 of us have a good first day on Monday.

Thursday was the first day of UCA class. Uneventful for us college pros. (We are Juniors)

Friday, Chi Alpha hosted the American Dream, then we went straight into Good for the Weekend.  I am planning to devote a post to this, so more later.

Thank you for checking out my blog. It means so much to me to have several loyal followers!

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