Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Life

Sometime soon and very soon, this blog is getting its face lift. The change will be drastic, y'all, so hold onto your hats! Today I just got some lovely head shots done for my bio, and I can't wait to debut it all to you.

On another, entirely unrelated, note: This week is move-in week, welcome week, and all that jazz for UCA where my husband and I are juniors. This year I am on the leadership team (again) with a transdenominational Christian ministry on campus. (And yes, we did make up that term "transdenominational". Instead of being nondenominational, which is without denomination, we seek to encompass all denominations, not discriminating against anyone's Christian practices or preferences as long as they are biblical.)

As a part of the leadership team, I with a partner, will lead a dgroup (discipleship group) that will meet at least once a week. In order to form the group, this week we will start going out onto campus to 'call our disciples', so to speak. We will be on campus all day Sunday for freshman move in, where we won't just talk to students, but we will actually get their stuff out of the car for them and their parents, show them to their room, and help them with whatever they need. Throughout the week we will be on campus to eat in the cafeteria with them, show them the buildings on campus, and remind them that they aren't the only ones missing home or feeling like they don't fit in yet. Hopefully we will hang out with some of them, share parts of our lives, bond, and become friends.

Friendship. That is our goal during welcome week. It isn't to meet a quota for our first Chi Alpha worship or for our first Chi Alpha sponsored event (The American Dream, happening Friday night in Ida Waldron). Our goal is to actually meet students where they are, both literally and spiritually, and live life with them. We want to open our lives up to them and let them see how Christian leaders live everyday lives. Hopefully the people we meet this week will one day be joining us in leadership. (Too many L's in that paragraph! ha)

This week is SO crucial for thousands of students, as they put themselves out there as adults for the first time and as they begin to meet new people. We want the faces they see this week to be godly, genuine, kind-hearted people who want to lead them in the right direction. I know that's what their parents want too! I remember so clearly saying goodbye to my parents that first week and hearing my mother ask me to make good choices. Did I? Yes and no. At first I did not, but when I got plugged in with Chi Alpha, I felt a tug to align my life with God's desires. Please pray for the students who are making these very same decisions.

Each dgroup has a name and a ours is Get Rich!! This is inspired by Colossians 3:16 "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God." So basically, we want to emulate Christ in everything we do. We will use scripture and pray for guidance to make sure we are spreading Christ's message, not our own.

Please be praying for us as we lead, for the people we meet, for Chi Alpha staff and interns, and for the other Christian ministries on campus --that we would draw students' attention instead of negative groups or choices. Pray for Dillon and I as well as we take on 16 hours this semester, Dillon works 20 hours per week, and we send our son Roman to daycare.

stay beautiful,

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