Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Day of Daycare

Monday morning, the 26th, Dillon and I left Roman at daycare for the very first time!

It has been such a heartbreaking journey for us over the past few months as we wrestled with the topic of childcare. We returned to school when he was just 3 weeks old last semester, so naturally no daycare could care for him. We relied on one another and a few friends to get us by at first, but then classes became too stressful to keep up with. I would come home after being away from my boy for 4 hours, engorged from not feeding him when he took a bottle, and just miserable. I would hold him and cry and promise that I wouldn't ever leave him again. I had many conversations about dropping out of school, getting a job at a daycare where he could come to work with me, and letting Dillon pursue his degree while I made money. This is such a realistic and fantastic option for many moms, but I could not bear to give up the thousands per semester I receive in scholarships. It was then that we decided to drop down to part-time students.

(our boy back then)

Everything went so well with this plan and our scholarships remained in tact. Our GPA's were slightly lower, but still passing and thriving. When it came time for us to return to school this semester, we knew that it was time for him to go into childcare. I wanted a flexible, home environment at first, but cost limited us to a daycare facility. We selected a great daycare in Conway (which I won't name here to protect my privacy and my son's safety! If you want to know, please only ask me in private.)

I did so well dropping him off. We left quickly to avoid any tears (from him or from me). I may have shed one or two dozen in the car!

At his daycare, the parents and the teachers fill out a form everyday on the child's daily activities.
It shows when they ate and how much, when they had their diaper changed and what was inside (non parents may think...YUCK, but all parents know you talk about this. haha), when he slept and how long. Parents are responsible for telling the daycare about what went on before he got there so they can keep him on a schedule. I love these reports!

Daddy went to pick Roman up from daycare and he said he was just sitting in his teacher's lap, being as cute as ever! He was good and didn't get upset. We are having a problem with him refusing bottles, but he is eating his lunch (veggies and oatmeal), so we know he isn't starving. He is also having a lot of trouble adjusting to taking naps in his crib at daycare. Each child has their own crib which has its sheets and blankets washed daily. Roman isn't used to being put down to sleep in a noisy room, and honestly loves to sleep in our laps, so this will be a big change for him.

On the night of his first day at daycare, I came down with some type of stomach virus and was super sick for about 24 hours. Dillon was at work when the worst of it hit me, so I was at home alone with a baby while enduring a sickness which to me is the worst kind! I had plenty of people offering to come help, but I felt like I may be contagious so I didn't want to bring anyone else into the mix. I ended up putting him in his pack n' play and just laying down and crying. It was torture for me to both feel so bad, and see my boy wanting me to play and not being able to even pick him up. After the sickness passed, I still had a horrible time recovering because I had no appetite and was barely eating, but I was still breastfeeding Roman, so what little nutrients I was getting was going straight to him. It was Thursday before I started eating normally again.

Daycare is a new adventure for our family and we are so thankful to have found a good place, especially when I was so sick on Tuesday and couldn't keep up with him! We pray daily for his teachers and the kids in his class, so feel free to join in that.

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