Monday, September 9, 2013

Chi Alpha DGroup Launch

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year for Chi Alpha -- DGroup Launch Night!!

Over the past few weeks, Chi Alpha leaders have been building relationships with students in attempts to form this year's DGroups. We have been fishing for men in our classes, during breaks, and at the many events throughout the past month.

Tonight, we will give the students a chance to commit to coming to one of our DGroups. Each leader-pair created a short biography and took a picture to put in a DGroup book that will be circulated tonight. Students will be able to meet up with leaders and exchange numbers and information about the first DGroup of the semester.

Let me explain to you guys where my heart was 2 years ago on DGroup launch night. I was a freshman who didn't have a relationship with God. I grew up in church and had basic book knowledge, but I didn't love God and was running from him. At the time, I was in a dark place, morally, and was running from all authority, especially spiritual authority. Dillon and I had been dating for just a few weeks, but he asked me to come to Chi Alpha with him and his roommates. I was so reluctant because church was the last place I wanted to be after several years of seeing hypocrisy, judgement, the use of Biblical text out of context, and misuse of time/power/resources by church staff. I agreed to come, and was completely caught off guard. I had never attended a service where you stand up for the entire musical worship, where songs were 10 minutes long, or where people worshiped passionately. I actually felt physically ill because Satan was feeding me with lies and negativity about this service. He fed me lies about whether or not I deserved to be there. He filled me up with hate for myself, with memories of things I had done and where I had been. I sat down and Dillon put his hand on me. He told me later (like a year later) that he prayed for me that I would enjoy Chi Alpha. As I sat there, I experienced what I know now to be the Spirit moving in me and dissipating those negative things Satan was feeding me. I really started to listen to the music, and Amy's voice just blew me away because it sounded like Jesus Culture, which I actually liked. (Amy was a former worship singer) I didn't worship that night and I can't remember what Carp spoke about or anyone I met. I just know that I decided then to join a DGroup. That night changed my life forever.

Although I didn't end up going to the DGroup I originally chose for very long, those leaders were able to connect me to another leader who turned out to be a wonderful friend to me and a major reason why I let God into my life.

God did amazing things for me through DGroups. He provided me with girl friends, when I was the self-proclaimed girl-hater. He showed me that you could have fun without doing things that were against God's will. He used my leaders and friends to show me how to be transparent.

Please! Please! Pray for me and my fellow leaders tonight as we launch DGroups. May we meet so many 2011 Bethany's who need God desperately. May we fight the forces of Satan by filling this campus with the Spirit. May we do His will.

To my Chi Alpha family -- I love you all. Thank you for all you have done in the past 2 years. I cannot wait to help God change lives tonight along with you.

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