Friday, November 15, 2013

Give a Care Package

This week, I spent a few minutes putting together a care package for a family whose <1 month old boy has been hospitalized with bacterial meningitis in his spinal fluid and blood. He had seizures, and was previously intubated, but is now extubated. I go to college with this little boy's aunt and after how kind she and her boyfriend were to me during my pregnancy, I had to do something for her family. And after all, I am a mom, so I automatically put myself in the place of this boy's parents. As a complete stranger to them, this seemed like the perfect way to offer encouragement.

I love gift-giving, and especially as we approach this season of giving, it truly gives me joy to spend my time and money giving something to someone else. With that said, I don't mean this post to be a 'look at me giving a care package, I'm so great' post, but rather a suggestion of something you can do for someone going through a tough time.

Your care package doesn't have to include this many items. Not long ago, I sent a care package to a classmate of mine whose son underwent an open heart surgery. I sent a toy for the child and a package of snacks for the parents.

I'll break down the items I chose and tell you why:

The family has two older children, a boy and a girl, so I chose 2 coloring books and 2 packs of crayons. There will probably be several times that the kids are at the hospital with their parents or even home with a babysitter and it can be helpful to have something entertaining to do. Typically if a family with a small child is in the hospital, or in need in any way, I give a coloring book and new crayons to the child.

These items are for the parents.

  • A magazine to pass the time. 
  • Gum for those long shifts at the hospital when they didn't get a chance to brush their teeth, or maybe just to help with nerves. 
  • A notepad and pens to jot down medical jargon or make notes.

Snack food is always a great item to include in a care package. 
  • Ritz cheese crackers
  • Mott's natural fruit snacks (these have fruit AND veggies in them!!)
  • mini Nilla wafer cookies
  • Flips white fudge covered pretzels

As you can see from my pictures, Christmas is right around the corner, so I challenge you to make a care package for someone you know during the giving season. Maybe it will go to the family of a child at a Children's Hospital, a shut in from your church, an elderly person, or anyone having a tough time. It can be so rewarding to step back from the consumer culture we live in during this time and be the giver for a change. I also challenge you to selflessly give without looking for praise or recognition. 

Join me in praying for the family of this sweet boy who is going through some serious health complications!

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