Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm in Love with Target!

This is not a Target sponsored blog post (obviously). Just a Momma showing her love for a store.

Today I went into Target (by myself...freak out!) and I was pleasantly surprised to see my already beloved store revamped for the better. Let's start out with the shopping carts (buggies as Southerners call them).

This is the new regular shopping cart design:

And THIS is the new shopping cart + double child seat:

I took my own photos but my shadow got in the way and I was kind of self-conscious of all the shoppers watching me take pictures of a cart.
I've seen blog reviews stating that these carts have seat belts that actually fit around our kiddos' round bellies instead of the old design that cut into Roman's fat middle. He has even broken out of an old Target buckle a time or two, so I was glad to hear these reviews.

The store had a new checkout and return counter up front and this little gem in the "whatever is in season" section in the back:

This kiosk was all about healthy household & beauty products, including Meyer, Burt's Bees, Yes to Carrots, 7th Generation, the natural sponges (which I already had some of) and the product I purchased - Method:
All Purpose cleaner: Pink Grapefruit, Dish soap: Cucumber

I already used the All-Purpose on my bathroom and LOVED it. These are natural and biodegradable and only cost $2.99 each. 

In the same section as the healthy kiosk was a healthy eating kiosk with Luna, Cliff, and Kind bars among other healthy snacks like pretzel chips and Pirate's Booty snacks. I am in love with Luna chocolate peppermint bars. I eat one every morning and swear they taste just like a thin mint. (They are also 70% organic and have tons of vitamins, folic acid, and other goodies)

There was also a coffee kiosk with Keurig Elites, K-cup caddies, K-cups, and various cute mugs.

The final kiosk was a Family Fun section with $5 movies, popcorn, and board games.

Earlier on Facebook I began a discussion about how awful my hair has become postpartum, especially post-breast feeding. During pregnancy, my hair was thick and curly and I had to use Keratin products to smooth it. Since Roman's birth, I have shed tons of hair, had to cut 1/2 of it off because the bottom looked ridiculous and now my hair has become lifeless, thin, and is losing its curl rapidly. The front is entirely straight and it looks like I don't care about myself! After several mommas commiserated with me about the perils of our crazy bodies, I decided to invest in some new products:

My photography skills are less than stellar, but here you can see the Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner by Organix. Along with B7 biotin and collagen, it has hydrolyzed wheat, is natural, and claims thicker and fuller hair. I picked up a bottle of biotin (such a big bottle for 60 tablets-- less than 1/4 of the bottle was taken up) which I popped immediately upon purchase, and got these samples of Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner which are 99% natural.

Finally, there was the huge Valentine's Day section, where I found this hilarious tidbit:

I stocked up on so many other great products while I was there and totally avoided the big people and baby clothes sections. Patting myself on the back over here. 

I'm not sure if you care about Target and products as much as I do, but I thought, 'Sometimes a blog post is just a really big Facebook status', so I shared. 

Happy Shopping!