Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap

Today I am going to be sharing with you a wonderful product that is new to me, called It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Body Contouring Wrap! A friend of mine, Jennifer Roe, became an It Works! distributor after trying the products herself and getting hooked!

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Since I've had a baby, my body, especially the skin around my tummy, hasn't been what it used to be. With my new lifestyle of clean eating, I have lost 10 lbs and feel 100 times better than I used to feel. With all of these changes, Jenn thought, why not share this amazing product with Bethany!?

To start out, make sure you are very hydrated. It Works! recommends you drink "up to half of your body weight (in pounds) in fluid ounces of water." This is a good measure for everyday hydration too. I was drinking tons of water all day in preparation for this wrap, so I feel like I look extra bloated in these photos. I was supposed to take a side picture also, but my baby boy fell and hurt his frenulum (the skin that attaches your upper lip to your gum). His was class IV, separating his teeth, but a few months ago he fell and tore it. His teeth have since grown back together, but occasionally if he falls on his face, he will start bleeding from the site. Anyway! That is why I do not have a side picture. It completely slipped my mind.

9 months big with my baby boy
17 months later - PRE-WRAP
I'm applying the wrap all over my tummy, hips, and even slightly below the waist. My absolute worst stretch mark scars are below my belt line because my belly really stretched in the last few weeks! I was slowly dilating for 4 weeks and baby boy was quite low during this whole time. I don't feel comfortable exposing that one to you, but I will report on the change I've seen in the scar!

Up close of the stretch marks. Just so you know what I'm working with.

After applying the wrap itself, I wrapped my entire torso with plastic wrap, pulling my underwear and shorts over the wrap for added pressure. I did take my belly button ring out before applying the wrap, but you won't be seeing pictures of me without it. I feel like it's part of me and I look crazy without it!
Generic Plastic Wrap
I then put on a very tight fitting tank top to help seal it all in!
Flattering, right? I promise I don't wear this without a shirt over it.
Also, go ahead and admire my selfie skills. ;)

Now, the waiting game! During your first application, only wear it for 45 minutes. During this time, its best to drink lots of water!! As I was waiting, I felt a lot of cool tingling on my abdomen, like wearing a facial mask that was invigorating my skin.

After 45 minutes, I peeled off the plastic and the Ultimate Body Applicator Body Contouring Wrap, and threw them away. I then rubbed the excess lotion into my skin.

Right after - Some of the bloating was gone!
A lot of bloating went away within 45 minutes. For seriously bad scars, like the ones I complained about earlier, below the belt, you will need to apply more than 1 wrap. The wrap doesn't just show instant results - it continues to work for hours after application. Don't forget to snap a few pictures of yourself the next day, like I did.

Wow, look at that!
24 hours after applying the wrap, I snapped these photos of myself. I woke up like this. Ha. Ravishing, right? I see such amazing results in the after photo. This is me 72 hours post-wrap:
It helps me look much better when I wear my pants a little higher on my waist like this.

On a totally different note than the wrap, if you are trying to look your best in clothes, wear pants that fit a little higher on your waist and make sure you are in the right size. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a girl wearing pants that really didn't fit and thought, 'Wow, she would look so much more flattering in a different style and size.'

From all that I have observed, if you buy the 4 pack of Wraps and use all of them over a span of several weeks, you will see optimal results! After just 1 wrap, don't be discouraged if you don't look like a new person. It takes persistence. I would definitely recommend that you contact Jenn at Jenn's Wraps and order the wrap kit and maybe some Defining Gel to really tone up!

I don't wear bikinis, but I do rock a mean 1 piece. Losing weight, toning up, cleansing healthily, and using the wrap gave me a better postpartum swim suit body than I ever could have imagined!

Swimming with my lovebug!
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Don't surrender yourself to a life of being uncomfortable with the skin you're in. 
Reclaim your body, health, and happiness! 

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