Friday, June 27, 2014

Recycled Milk Jug Project

We've all heard it before - reduce, reuse, recycle! I'm here to beg you, for the love of all things sustainable, reuse your milk jugs! 

We go through milk jugs like crazy with a growing toddler. Recently I've been hoarding them for homemade laundry detergent storage, but they're good for so many more projects as well. After pouring through Pins and articles on gardening, homesteading, and sustainability... during the late hours that I sit up with insomnia that even the best essential oils can't cure... I came across this list of really good ideas on how to reuse plastic milk jugs. 

My most favorite, and the one that was easiest for me to achieve, was this plastic sack holder. You see, I also have a ton of plastic sacks. How un-green of me. I know. I really should invest in a bunch of cloth sacks. But in the meantime, I will redeem myself by reusing those plastic sacks too. I line my bathroom trashcans with them (who doesn't?), use them as wetbags when we go swimming at someone else's house, and even give them to my mom to use at her church's food pantry (The Witt House in Paragould, AR). 

Embarrassingly enough, a few months ago I started cleaning out my pantry and found 2 full sized garbage bags full of plastic sacks that I had good intentions for but never followed through with. Some were thrown in the recycle bin at Walmart, some went to The Witt House, and I started my hoarding over when I went to the store later in the week. 

This Milk Jug container will surely help me minimize my hoarding. 

This is really quite simple, but I wanted to make sure you understood how I got so many plastic sacks in the jug. If you just start stuffing them in, all wadded up, you will get about 10 in there before calling it quits. However, if you... 

Flatten each sack out, fold it length-wise (hot dog fold) twice, and stack all of the sacks on top of each other, you can roll them up and fit more than 33 sacks! That's all I attempted to stuff in there today. I would guess you could fit as many as 45-50. 

Then, as the very first picture showed, the sacks will be pulled out of what was formerly the milk jug spout. I started with the outermost sack and fed it through the spout before nestling the rolled bundle into the jug. After you use the one that's protruding, you might have to carefully select the next one in line to pull out. They unfortunately don't come out like baby wipes. If you know how to roll them that way (I've seen tutorials) be my guest, but that takes too long for my desire. 

My next suggestion would be to punch holes in the former bottom of the container (now the open top) and feed a sturdy string through the holes. Loop the string through the wire shelving of your pantry for fantastic, easy, storage. Or, stick a push pin through one of the sides and mount it to the wall or inside of a cabinet. You be the judge of what works best!


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