Monday, November 3, 2014

A Desperate Attempt To Get Organized

Lately I've really been purposing to get more organized and in sharing some ideas on my personal Facebook, I've had friends comment about how interested they are in my suggestions  as well.

(link to this Holiday Organizer in the article below)

To be honest with you, I'm not very organized at all! In my heart of hearts, organization makes me giddy. After a good long day of cleaning, I love to sit down and bask in my spotless home. This is a rarity, however because of a few simple set backs.

I'm a pack rat. Not like, you will find me on Hoarders or anything. I'm really pretty clean. I just can't stand to get rid of anything potentially useful. Empty milk jugs for my homemade laundry detergent line the upper shelves of my laundry closet. Empty glass salsa jars clog up the back of my cabinets to be used to collect who-knows-what. I've never thrown away a glass soda bottle in my entire life. Ask my mom; there is still evidence of this at her house. A really sturdy box came in the mail? Of course I must keep it to repack Christmas gifts in...even if the package comes in February.

This is the type of decorating I do with glass soda bottles. Also check out the major clutter!

I recently listened to a podcast in which Dana from A Slob Comes Clean detailed how prepared and organized her mother was. She went on to say that having grown up around such preparedness (Think - cleaning supplies for months and never having to make an emergency trip to the grocery store in the middle of cooking dinner) that she also purposed to store up supplies like her mother had. However, she found out that she just couldn't manage that much stuff. Try as she might, it ended up cluttered, lost, unused, unorganized. She had to admit this and pare down.

Maybe it's time for me to pare down.

We live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment which is great for a 3 person family. Only...this 3 person family has an abundance of decorations and furniture hanging out in my parents attic and can't keep the kitchen counters or our bedroom floors clean to save our lives! Next year we will be moving into a larger rental house and we are ridiculously excited.

However, I don't want more space to equal more clutter. I'm purposing to use my space more efficiently and be more prepared for my everyday life instead of my 'what-if' list.

Without further adieu, this was my first step. I created a planning station next to my side of the bed and have been keeping up with our family's events for the last few months.

(I know you love that college dorm style lamp)

I bought this dry-erase calendar at Target because I never could manage to keep up with a paper calendar, and while the pictures may be pretty, its just one more thing I will have to throw away at the end of the year. Actually I'll have to force myself to throw it away. A few months ago I went through a bunch of left-behind junk at my parents house and found a calendar from 2007 that I had kept 'for all the memories' or some nostalgic BS. Don't worry...I threw it away this time.

As you can see, it's magnetic and I have my dentist reminder card (for an April cleaning) stuck up there right now. Next to it, I have a thumb tack on which I am holding my precious Holiday Organizer (up close picture at the top of this article), which gives you a week-by-week list of what to Shop, Make, Do, and Celebrate from October 5 to December 25 in order to feel more prepared and relaxed for end of the year holidays. 

I also have a paper calendar page to start collecting December dates. I might not do the paper version of an upcoming month all year long, but when I know I have a lot to plan for, I like to have it on hand. I've added a few more events on this calendar since the photo was taken.

This works so much better for me than an Agenda, pocket planner, and especially better than anything digital. I'm pretty old school in that I like to have a paper To-Do list where I can physically cross items off. Sticking my calendar up on the wall next to my bed stops me from misplacing it or forgetting about it. 

Please comment with a link to your favorite organizational ideas. Let's help each other out. My To-Do list for getting this house organized by the end of the year is astronomical and I'm whittling away at it day-by-day.

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