Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Thieves Essential Oil Foaming Soap

Winter will soon be upon us here in Arkansas! We already had our first snow a few weeks ago, but go figure, the temperatures rose to the 70's again today. All of these up and down temperatures combined with the inevitable illnesses that winter brings have left many of our friends sick lately. I'm the perpetual planner and worrier so of course I need to combat sickness before it has a chance to sink its teeth into my family! Last year we were plagued with many illnesses - the stomach virus hit me 3 times and I landed in Urgent Care on an IV each time - so I need to stay on top of our health.

Therefore, I decided to prevent sickness the natural way with Young Living. Each month I get an order of my choice as a part of my wholesale membership. Ask me how you can sign up as a wholesale member under me! In December, I will be getting this Thieves essential rewards package!

Thieves is an essential oil blend created after grave robbers from the 14th century concocted a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary to keep them well while robbing the graves of recently deceased victims of the black plague. The mixture works well today in promoting health and wellness, and boosting your immune system.

I swear by this little stuff and always diffuse it and/or rub it on us when I hear about someone on Facebook who is sick I've been exposed to an illness!

In the package: 2 Bottles of multi-purpose cleaner, 1 mouthwash, 2 hand sanitizers, 1 bottle of Thieves oil, 1 toothpaste, 2 foaming hand soaps, and 2 surface sprays

That Thieves foaming hand soap looks pretty great, right? I knew I could make my own version of the soap (as well as the hand sanitizer and spray) to refill the bottles that come in this kit, but until I get this in the mail (mid December) I wanted to make some to last me a few weeks!

After all, some of our best friends are down for the count with my least favorite illness - stomach bug - right now, so I can't take any chances!

I made my own Thieves foaming soap, with help from a few people on Pinterest, and I'm really pleased with the turnout.

-1 foaming soap bottle (recycled works!) You must use a foaming bottle, as a regular soap bottle will just produce liquid.
-10 DROPS Thieves essential oil blend
- 2 TBSP Dr. Bronner's castile soap
-1 TBSP Vitamin E (optional)

I used Peppermint castile soap (purchased from Kroger - also available at Target or online) which mixed really well with the Christmassy fragrance of Thieves.

  • First take your rinsed foaming soap container and pour in 2 Tablespoons of Dr. Bronner's castile soap. 

  • Add 1 Tablespoon of Vitamin E oil for moisture. I always get dry hands after washing, so I added this organic Vitamin E oil I had on hand from the days postpartum when I actually thought I could reduce stretch marks. ...Am I laughing or crying? 

  • Next put 10 DROPS of Thieves essential oil blend in.

  • Fill up with warm water, leaving room for the pump top to go in or it will overflow and waste your materials. 

  • Shake the bottle really well and give it a few pumps into your hand!

I tossed my old anti-bacterial soap (which contained microbeads anyway!) and a put this guy in its place

I used it last night for hand washing and then today decided to try it for a body and face wash in the shower! It was a bit tingly on my face, but was diluted enough not to burn or hurt at all. This soap is a BIG hit with me and I will be using it indefinitely!

Thanks for stopping by!

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