Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014: Follow Up!

Previously, I shared my thoughts on whether Christians should celebrate Halloween and now I'd love to share with you just how we celebrated on Halloween 2014!

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The weekend before Halloween, I carved this jack-o-lantern for my son Roman who absolutely loves Scooby Doo! Our whole costume theme was Scooby Doo as well so it was really fitting. In order to achieve this masterpiece, I printed this Scooby Doo stencil, taped it to the pumpkin, and carefully poked holes (with a thumb tack) around the edges of each piece that needed to be cut out. Yes, this was tedious and the paper kept slipping! A stencil that stuck to the pumpkin and could be peeled off easily would have been much better! I then covered the pumpkin with flour to make the poked holes more visible and began slicing the pieces out with a small serrated knife. I find that a serrated knife is much safer and easier for pumpkin carving. Roman was thrilled when he saw the finished product.

On Halloween night, we made plans to meet friends at a large neighborhood in town and trick-or-treat. We live in an apartment, which is really not suitable for ToT (apologies for that really lame abbreviation) so we were glad to meet up with a big group in a nice part of town. For the first time all season, it was freezing! The low was in the 30's with a bitter wind. I'm in Arkansas, remember...and just a few days prior it was 80. All of us were frozen after a few streets.

Before I unveil our amazing costumes, I want to give a huge thanks to some of our best friends Derek and Rachel Johnson who dressed up with us to complete the Mystery Incorporated Gang! They were really helpful with the kids and we promise we will return the favor when their time to have kids comes along! 

Our little family before the festivities. Roman just wanted to play with his neighbor friend, Woody from Toy Story! I'm obsessed with how good these costumes turned out. After we got dressed up, Dillon and I sat down to eat a snack and I couldn't stop laughing at how weird it was for us to be sitting there eating, looking like cartoons. 

Derek - Shaggy, Rachel - Velma, Me (Bethany) - Daphne, Dillon - Fred, Roman - Scooby

Daphne Costume:
-Dress: local consignment store (will wear again)
-Tights: Target ($1.99)
-Necklace: Walmart ($5.00) (will wear again)
-Shoes: local consignment store (have worn many times)
-Wig: Walmart (super cheap and poor quality!)
-Headband: Target (stretchy head wrap that kept my ears warm)

Fred Costume:
-Shirt, Pants, Shoes: All Dillon's from before
-Ascot:  Walmart - Made from a strip cut off of a neon hunting t-shirt
-Hair Spray: Walmart ($2.00)

Scooby Costume:
-Scored it at a Rhea Lana's consignment sale for dirt cheap!

Velma Costume:
-Sweater: Old Navy
-Skirt, Tights, Shoes: Rachel had them
-Wig: Walmart (again, cheap!)
-Glasses: They were borrowed from my personal costume stash

Shaggy Costume:
All Derek's clothes. We teased him all night that he looked "normal" but the colors were perfect

We all went to IHOP afterwards with some of our other best friends and although we weren't the only ones in costume, we were definitely the most ridiculous looking people in the room. It was so much fun, though, and I would do it all over in a heartbeat.
I can't finish this post without showing you Roman's best friends who we ToT'd with: Cinderella and Gus Gus

There were a few creepy masked teenagers out ToT-ing with us, but overall, the night was really great and we can't wait to do it again next year with the same people. Love all of you so much and thanks for making Roman's 2nd Halloween the best one yet!

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