Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Revlon Colorstay Review

**I am in no way affiliated with Revlon and this is not a sponsored post**

This week I went to Facebook with a question about foundation. Currently all of the foundations in my ample collection were failing me. My skin has been pretty bad since becoming pregnant, a common side effect of hormone surge, but the winter weather hasn't helped any either! I have such dry skin that you could see tight, dry patches on my cheeks, and my forehead and nose were speckled with tiny flakes of dry skin. Not exactly the luminous, radiant glow depicted on pregnant women in the media, right? I also went a shade paler so I needed to rematch my shade.

I asked, you answered, and I went to Target looking for a few types of drug store priced foundation.

1. Revlon Colorstay
2. L'Oreal True Match Lumi

I found my ivory in the Revlon right away, but there was not a porcelain girl's shade in sight on the Lumi display. Oh well. We went home with the Revlon...

...and a wreath and bunny decorations for Baby Boy's room, these beautiful votive holders to decorate my new master bath, a $2 clearance t shirt, and this perfect lip color!

You can't buy just 1 thing in Target. It's against the laws of women.

The lip color is Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Honey.

By the time I drove home, my precious boy (who has decided he's too big for naps) fell asleep, so I decided to park at our apartment and let him sleep while I tried out my new products in the natural afternoon light.
cranky pants - right when he woke up

Keep in mind I didn't have any other make up products on me and I went out just wearing mascara, so ^this^ is just a foundation and lip stain look. Those are my natural eyebrows. So you see why I'm so passionate about shaping & filling them in. I look a lot less focused or put together without my shaped eyebrows! And to think, I went the first 19 years like this.

In addition to trying a new foundation, highly recommended by my Facebook friend Hannah who works in the make up department at Walgreens, I am also implementing a strict moisturizing regimen of coconut oil and the Young Living essential oil Elemi. This oil is nicknamed "the poor man's Frankincense" and has similar properties to the aforementioned Frank that is great for not only the immune system, but the skin as well!

This is me inside after I applied the rest of my products. The difference between indoor and outdoor light is astounding, and as always a little blush and eye brow gel go a long way!

In my opinion, the Revlon Colorstay provides great coverage without feeling heavy at all. It also did not get trapped in the natural creases of my face (which could give a cakey look). The color was perfect, because as you can see in the outdoor picture, I really am that pale. Check my chest and neck for a comparison. I currently have a few pimples around my lips, at my temples, and across my forehead. In both pictures, none of my break outs are very (if at all) visible.

I will definitely keep using this product and if I come across the Lumi or any other highly recommended drug store priced product, I will link my reviews!

If you want to request a review of a particular product, ask and I will try to oblige!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

15 Weeks!

Do you SEE all the texture in my hair? I washed it Sunday morning, put in curl cream and sea salt spray and this is how it looks on Tuesday. Yes I am most definitely telling you I go DAYS without washing my hair, as wavy/curly people should. My style today was: flip it upside down and mess it up a bunch, flip it back over and take the picture.
**And yes, I am thrilled to be pregnant, that's just how my face looks!**

How far along? 15 weeks

Weight gain: As I mentioned before, I lost 6 lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy and since losing those 6, I have gained 1 lb. So I am "up to" 115 lbs.

Maternity clothes? I am putting a ponytail holder through my jeans still and wearing regular shirts as well. Last night I ordered a few new maternity items from thredUP that I will be transitioning into very soon. My growing bump is quite sensitive to tight pants so most stay-at-home days I am in sweats.

Sleep: I have always been a night owl, and that hasn't changed. I am no longer waking up with scary dreams like I did in the 1st trimester. Lately I have been waking up early for a potty break and then not being able to go back to sleep. This morning I had my cereal in total quiet. Ahh!

Best moment this week: I attended a "Meet the Doulas" event for my local doula service. There, I learned all about what essential oils will help me in labor and postpartum and sat down with several doulas who wanted to know my interests for this birth, listened to my horror stories of Roman's birth and postpartum, and encouraged me to take my birth into my own hands and stand up for what I want despite the fact that I will be using an OB in hospital (which tends to lead moms to be pushed around when they want a natural birth with "hippie stuff" involved). Although I crave this kind of experience, I am not typically around other moms "like me" but it was great to see 2 moms nurse their babies with covers, 1 nurse uncovered, moms babywearing while up doing tasks, and to have oils diffusing throughout the room. At the end of the meeting, my name was drawn to win a free baby wrap similar to the Moby, which was something I had just put on my registry!

Worst moment this week: toddler nap boycott

Miss anything? No.

Cravings: Chocolate, cheerios, salads

Symptoms: On Sunday I was in pretty bad pain across my hips and pelvis so I spent most of the day laying down on my side. I was also very fatigued that day and thought I might be low on iron. My skin is also very terrible. I always heard "girls steal their mother's beauty"-- well obviously that's another wives tale because boys do it too! Given, it's winter, but my skin is overly dry, I have bad break outs, uneven skin tone, and can't seem to match any foundation to my skin.

Looking forward to: The anatomy scan at 20 weeks! We already found out his gender, but this will assess his health and growth which of course is the most important thing to us. I'm looking forward to showing more because right now few people can tell I'm pregnant. And on a more personal note, I am ready to get out of this apartment and into our house because I CANNOT listen to our noisy upstairs neighbors stomp any longer. Every night when I'm trying to go to sleep, I listen to them stomp like  600 lb sumo wrestlers (and no they aren't actually big) and dream of snarky notes I will leave them when we move out. I will probably not actually do that because it's the epitome of passive-aggressive, which I tend to do enough of already!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

14 Week Gender Reveal!

Today we went in for our 14 week ultrasound. Our doctor came in and started us off by asking, "If I can tell the gender, do you want to know?" Um...of course!

After checking "it's" growth (measuring 14 weeks, 4 days, when I am truly 14 weeks even) and heart rate (177 bpm) she flipped the wand around and said...

"Well, it looks like a repeat offender," referring to our older son who she also delivered, "I'm 100% sure its a boy!" And sure enough, plain as day, was irrefutable evidence.

This will be son #2 for us and grandson #5 for my husband's parents! 

We are really thrilled about the news. I had all of these 'signs' that it was a girl, but they were little more than wives' tales. I got myself a little worked up thinking it would be a girl until about 11 weeks when my morning sickness totally stopped, nesting began, and I was feeling so much like I did with Roman. 

For a millisecond, I thought, Is the baby ok? Why do I feel good? And then I started doubting that it was a girl. I pulled Roman's old baby clothes out of the closet because we are moving and saw his little bitty shoes. Oh another boy would be nice, I thought. 

So when she said, "Looks like we have a repeat offender!" I was happy. I really and truly was joyful to have two little boys -- stair step best friends. 

All the sword fights. All the super hero games. All the dirty, stinky days of boyhood. 

Call me a boymom because these things make me happy. 

I would like a daughter one day, but we never thought this child would be our last, so we are not in any way "trying again later for a girl." We will try again in a few (or 5 depending on my sanity) years for another addition, regardless of gender. 

Here are a few photos I posted on Facebook when we revealed: 

We ended the night cuddling our boy, watching his favorite show. It will be a great blessing in his life to have a brother, but he might not see it that way at first so I want to pour into him so much over the next few months. He is, after all, my true love and I would give him the world if I could. But for now, I will give him a playmate.  

Ok, so freaking sappy. This is how I get about children. Ask me to watch a romantic movie or anything about an animal and I'm entertained but unmoved. Show me a picture of a baby and I'm a sloppy mess. Send me a link to a natural birth video and I will sob uncontrollably. Thus is the paradox of Bethany. 

Anyhow! I hope you are as thrilled with our news as we are! I've already sorted through Roman's old clothes to see what will work for us seasonally and I'm pleased (yes, pleased) to announce we don't have newborn clothes at all. So I get to shop! You can find me living in the aisles of the upcoming Rhea Lana's sale in my hometown. 

Name announcement to come later! (Come on, I gave you the gender at 14 weeks. Don't be greedy!)

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Why Telling Us, "Enjoy it while you can. They grow up so fast." Is Actually Hurting Young Moms

I follow many Mommy Pages on Facebook, several of which accept reader questions and then publish them anonymously for other readers to weigh in on or give advice to the question-asker. I have seen an overwhelming number of mothers to toddlers/preschoolers write in asking for advice on curbing negative behavior or habits in their child only to be met with this well meaning, but ineffectual and hurtful advice,

"Enjoy it while you can. They grow up so fast!"
"They're only little once. You will miss this when they are grown up."
"My kids are 25 and what I wouldn't give to see them do that again!"

What you are doing, although you mean to reminisce and remind the Mama that this time with her kids is sacred, is actually heaping guilt upon her head.

When a mother of three is asking for advice on keeping her two year old in bed at night, do not tell her, "Scoot over Mom! Enjoy the cuddles!" because actually what Mom is experiencing looks more like this:

And less like the peaceful picture of a sleeping baby that you have conjured up in your head. Believe me, I co-slept with my son for a year and loved it, but now that he's 2, every time we are out of town even if he has a bed that mirrors his bed at home, he sleeps with me. There are more feet in my face than cherub cheeks on my chest. Ok?

Tell her consistency is key. Tell her to let her multiple children co-sleep. Tell her that routine is a great way to keep kids in bed. Tell her its ok to walk him back to bed, say a prayer, turn on a night light and go back to sleep. 

Do not tell her that she doesn't deserve to ask for help during her struggle, as temporary as it may be.

This is just one more of my rants on the soap box of "Mommy Wars" and I'm looking at older, wiser moms and asking them to put aside the nostalgia for their tiny toddler now grown up, and to remember the harrowing (yet SO rewarding) days of mothering these growing, changing little beings. It is not always the "highlight reel" of snapshots and favorite memories.

It is tantrums, rejected meals, messes, broken belongings, and for Moms...sometimes it is feelings of inadequacy.

Build us up. Tell us we are doing a good job and that our baby loves us. That you love us. That you have been there and you got through it and yes...even tell us you miss the stage we are in...but say it with the grace that extends us the privilege of being raw and asking for help when we feel broken.

Disclaimer: The phrases in bold can be used in truly beneficial ways, but when a mom is asking for specific advice, they are not so helpful. With that being said, say what you want...but be mindful of your tone and how your words may be received!