Tuesday, February 17, 2015

14 Week Gender Reveal!

Today we went in for our 14 week ultrasound. Our doctor came in and started us off by asking, "If I can tell the gender, do you want to know?" Um...of course!

After checking "it's" growth (measuring 14 weeks, 4 days, when I am truly 14 weeks even) and heart rate (177 bpm) she flipped the wand around and said...

"Well, it looks like a repeat offender," referring to our older son who she also delivered, "I'm 100% sure its a boy!" And sure enough, plain as day, was irrefutable evidence.

This will be son #2 for us and grandson #5 for my husband's parents! 

We are really thrilled about the news. I had all of these 'signs' that it was a girl, but they were little more than wives' tales. I got myself a little worked up thinking it would be a girl until about 11 weeks when my morning sickness totally stopped, nesting began, and I was feeling so much like I did with Roman. 

For a millisecond, I thought, Is the baby ok? Why do I feel good? And then I started doubting that it was a girl. I pulled Roman's old baby clothes out of the closet because we are moving and saw his little bitty shoes. Oh another boy would be nice, I thought. 

So when she said, "Looks like we have a repeat offender!" I was happy. I really and truly was joyful to have two little boys -- stair step best friends. 

All the sword fights. All the super hero games. All the dirty, stinky days of boyhood. 

Call me a boymom because these things make me happy. 

I would like a daughter one day, but we never thought this child would be our last, so we are not in any way "trying again later for a girl." We will try again in a few (or 5 depending on my sanity) years for another addition, regardless of gender. 

Here are a few photos I posted on Facebook when we revealed: 

We ended the night cuddling our boy, watching his favorite show. It will be a great blessing in his life to have a brother, but he might not see it that way at first so I want to pour into him so much over the next few months. He is, after all, my true love and I would give him the world if I could. But for now, I will give him a playmate.  

Ok, so freaking sappy. This is how I get about children. Ask me to watch a romantic movie or anything about an animal and I'm entertained but unmoved. Show me a picture of a baby and I'm a sloppy mess. Send me a link to a natural birth video and I will sob uncontrollably. Thus is the paradox of Bethany. 

Anyhow! I hope you are as thrilled with our news as we are! I've already sorted through Roman's old clothes to see what will work for us seasonally and I'm pleased (yes, pleased) to announce we don't have newborn clothes at all. So I get to shop! You can find me living in the aisles of the upcoming Rhea Lana's sale in my hometown. 

Name announcement to come later! (Come on, I gave you the gender at 14 weeks. Don't be greedy!)

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