Tuesday, March 17, 2015

18 weeks!

Skirt / Old Navy jersey knit fold-over in turquoise
Shirt / Converse not maternity, but a larger size

How far along? 18 weeks

Weight gain: My scale is still broken, but I'd say I've gained another pound or so! The baby is 5 ounces

Maternity clothes? Yes, definitely. My belly has officially gone from, "Ehh, she could be pregnant or just fat. Better not ask." to "Oh how far along are you?"

Sleep: I have had one precious 2 year old wake me up to sleep with me 2 nights this week. It hasn't actually been too bad, but its not a restful night.

Best Moment This Week: Pregnancy wise: I am now feeling our boy kick and move around regularly! It is usually when I am going to sleep, waking up, or during his brother's nap when I sit still for a moment. Personally: I got picked to be on the launch team for Jen Hatmaker's new book, For the Love, which launches August 18, 2015!! Definitely the highlight of my week, which is saying a lot because we also got to get in our new house and start prepping it for move in!

Worst Moment This Week: Finding all the disgusting messes and weird junk the previous homeowner left in the house! The man apparently hadn't cleaned his toilet or microwave in months, despite the fact that I found at least 10 bottles of various cleaner in his cabinets. We also found wine glasses, a game of Jenga, some tupperware, a mountain of total crap in the garage and back porch that we are throwing away, and a VERY personal item in the master closet. I'm still recovering from the shock of how he left the home. However, it's nothing we can't clean up and put out of mind. The steam cleaners are coming tomorrow, Dillon finished painting the nursery (previous owner left about 3 inches unpainted at the top of the wall under some border that was pretty much falling off), and I have cleansed every single surface.

Miss Anything? Energy and endurance

Cravings: Cheeseburgers

Symptoms: Some stomach aches, getting very cranky if my blood sugar is low at all, feeling my muscles all start to stretch, pelvic pain, starting to waddle!

Looking Forward To: The anatomy scan! 2 more weeks. We were supposed to have it this week, but our doctor's office had a lot of weird scheduling issues and called us back 3 times to change our appointment, each time pushing it back.

Friday, March 13, 2015


In case any of you were wondering - my life is awesome!

Let's backtrack. I am one of the many, many sufferers of Winter Blues. After Christmas, life is just annoying and I am wishing, hoping, praying that the sun will come out and it will reach 60 degrees and winter will cease on all planets.

It's March now and not only am I feeling baby movements in my belly, but we bought a new house that we will move into in just a few days, and...


Yes, THE Jen Hatmaker - author of "7" and "Interrupted", blogger about hard things, mother to 2 adopted beauties from Ethiopia and 3 biological beauties, subject of the TV show "My Big Family Renovation" in which they gut and make over a beautiful old home to live in!, and basically my HOME GIRL for life.

I feel like Jen and I were cut from the same cloth. Like back in time, God created us and said, "I think I will make a writer with a HUGE heart. I will provoke her to say hard things and use inappropriate language now and again in order to really relate to the human heart. I will give her an affinity for wearing black clothes and in making her I will overdose on the sarcasm, exaggeration, and eye-rolling tendencies."

If you've read Jen's Facebook statuses, or ever met me, you know the above is true.

So this year, Jen will be releasing a new book called For The Love and instead of asking a bunch of overburdened celebrity authors to endorse her book, her team decided to ask the masses --- Jen's people --- to apply to be on her launch team.

They had room for 500 people.

5,000 applied.

And I got picked.

Excuse me while I weep on the floor for approximately 2 weeks.

When I received that email this week, I could not believe I was living real life. Jen's publishing team combed through the entries of 5,000 human beings who wanted the chance to endorse Jen's book and help her sell it, and they picked me. Honestly I was in a hurry when I wrote my little blurb. They asked "Why do you want to join the launch team?" and what I said was nothing prolific. It was no soul-baring 'I am a rebel turned righteous' piece that I poured over. Nope. It was just a straight-forward, RESUME of sorts that I typed up and sent in with 9 million prayers and a humbling, "If I do not get this, I will live, but also cry..." Facebook status posted afterwards.

And they picked me.

More weeping.

The people who did not get picked have started a hashtag calling themselves #the4500. That is so cute and I wish all of them could be part of this experience.

Right now, the book is available for pre-order, so if you love Jen -- hop to it!

Over the next few months, I will be reading her book while it's still in manuscript form and keeping it a secret from all of you! Oh how mean am I? I can't give out my copy or post big pieces of it, but I can elude to its themes and its awesomeness.

For The Love's launch date is August 18, 2015. My baby boy's due date.

Yeah, crazy, I know! But I will be prepared way ahead of time.

I'm having the time of my life. 2014 sucked for me in so many momentous ways. I can't even describe how much I hated 2014 and I prayed for a good year in 2015. I dedicated this year to the word "HOPE" and I clung to it inwardly.

Romans 8:24 "For in hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope, because who hopes for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with endurance."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

17 Weeks!

I promise I'm going to try to regulate my poses and get a consistent photo for you every week once we move! It's just really hard to take a good photo in our small apartment with boxes piled up everywhere. Side belly with a decent background sounds good, right?

How far along? 17 weeks

Weight gain: my scale is on the fritz, but I believe I'm holding steady with last week's weight

Maternity clothes? Shown above is a pair of high panel Liz Lange maternity jeans and one of my favorite Old Navy maternity tank tops from thredUP. My friend let me borrow her old maternity pants as well, so I'm fully stocked on pants!

Sleep: Tossing and turning, taking forever to fall asleep!

Best Moment This Week: Finding out one of my friends is pregnant. ((I know approximately 5 million women this could be, and I'm not telling!)) Doing the final walk-through on our new house! Finding out that with the cost of cable and internet in our new house as opposed to where we have been living, we can afford cable so I will get to watch 19 Kids and Counting, Bringing Up Bates, and my Jen Hatmaker shows! Making design boards for the boys new rooms! (this has been a really good week with more really good weeks to come!)

Worst Moment This Week: Rain and cold! Roman has been sniffling today and I'm hoping it will not progress.

Miss Anything? Energy

Cravings: Cheeseburgers still! We went to David's Burgers on Saturday night and my preggo heart was content. It was mine and Roman's first time eating inside (we usually drive through or send Dillon out) and it was so fun. If you don't know - they bring out unlimited homemade fries (that taste like actual potatoes) and even brought Roman a free icecream with a little bitty spoon. He was over the moon, until he decided it would be a good idea to dump the icecream over his lap, but my Mommy-reflexes kicked in and I caught the full contents in my cupped hands. OTHER cravings: Orange soda

Symptoms: Upset stomach has been coming and going this week! I think I'm not getting enough vitamins, or perhaps its just stress from the new house.

Looking Forward To: We are closing on our new house tomorrow!! It's pretty stressful trying to get everything done, but we are so excited. We did a walk through last night after the seller moved out and I can see there is a lot of cleaning to be done. Nesting instinct, don't fail me now!

Friday, March 6, 2015

16 Weeks!

This week I did not get to post my 16 week update on Tuesday because I was out of town at my great-grandfather "Papa's" funeral. He had an amazing life of 98 years as a father, farmer, cattle rancher, grandpa, great grandpa, and although he never got to meet my son because of his failing health he was also a great-great-grandpa. His most astounding role by far, though, was husband to his bride of 77 years! My beautiful grandma preceded him in death just 5 months ago, so as a believer in Jesus who knows the promises of Heaven, it's really so beautiful to picture them reunited in their perfect Heavenly bodies in the presence of our Savior. While it is sad for us to lose him, the fact that he is no longer suffering from the typical failures of our earthly bodies anymore, or mourning the loss of his best friend, is such a blessing. To think, he was born in 1916 and saw everything from the past century is incredible. He is one of my many biological relatives to live into their late 90s or even past 100, so I figure with today's technology and our awareness of certain hazards (such as tobacco) I might live that long too!

So today, at 16 weeks 3 days, I am doing my update!

How far along? 16 weeks

Weight gain: 3 lbs gained back since my initial weight loss -- 117 lbs

Maternity clothes? I am definitely wearing maternity clothes! My favorite thing to wear these days are my jersey fold-over skirts from Old Navy (pictured Left) which I own in grey, black, brown, turquoise, and pink. They will be sticking around the duration of my pregnancy, especially in the summer months since they are very cool. On the Right, I am wearing a 'new' Old Navy maternity top from thredUP as well as Liz Lange for Target maternity jeans (the high tummy panel kind!).

I also bought several more items from thredUP which I will no doubt be showing off in future weekly updates. (if you click the link you can earn $10 towards your first purchase!)

Sleep: Well, funny thing is, my usual nighttime complaint (noisy upstairs neighbors) was NOT what kept me up last night. I was woken up by a dream that I was witness to a shooting (I've heard its pretty common to have nightmares about survival when pregnant) and couldn't get back to sleep for a while and then spent the rest of the night tossing and turning. So did Dillon for some reason.

Best Moment This Week: The Rhea Lana's clothing consignment sale. In my area, our sale brings in about 100,000 items from preemie to teen clothes, small toys to tricycles, bouncers to double strollers, home goods, and more. I stayed for 4 hours (not on purpose - the lines were so long) last weekend and I plan to attend the 1/2 price sale tonight when Dillon gets off work. I got so many items for my boys! So of course I'll share pictures of a small selection of the many things I bought:
Fox themed clothes + owl body suit (2 of the animals we will be focusing on for Baby Boy's room)
"Freshly Baked" onesie from Gap - my favorite purchase

Baby Boy's clothes

Big Brother Roman's t-shirts

Big Brother Roman's favorite toy EVER - a new pirate ship
excuse the mess in the background - we are packing!

Worst Moment This Week: Getting asked "You do know what causes that [pregnancy] right?" for the first time. As someone who can see myself as mother to many, I know I will hear this question again (because apparently its a hilarious joke), but never imagined it would be with my 2nd child. Honestly its ridiculous, but all I can do is respond with grace.

Miss Anything? Not yet!

Cravings: Cheeseburgers (which is funny because beef made me gag when I was pregnant with Roman. These 2 pregnancies could not be more different!)

Symptoms: Stomach aches and upset this week, pelvic pain (my doula suggested I get a support belt)

Looking Forward To: The anatomy scan at 20 weeks and feeling kicks. Right now I feel occasional movements but I think I am just feeling him move against the amniotic fluid which is then moving against my belly. Dillon can't feel him yet. Non-pregnancy: closing on our house in about a week!