Friday, March 6, 2015

16 Weeks!

This week I did not get to post my 16 week update on Tuesday because I was out of town at my great-grandfather "Papa's" funeral. He had an amazing life of 98 years as a father, farmer, cattle rancher, grandpa, great grandpa, and although he never got to meet my son because of his failing health he was also a great-great-grandpa. His most astounding role by far, though, was husband to his bride of 77 years! My beautiful grandma preceded him in death just 5 months ago, so as a believer in Jesus who knows the promises of Heaven, it's really so beautiful to picture them reunited in their perfect Heavenly bodies in the presence of our Savior. While it is sad for us to lose him, the fact that he is no longer suffering from the typical failures of our earthly bodies anymore, or mourning the loss of his best friend, is such a blessing. To think, he was born in 1916 and saw everything from the past century is incredible. He is one of my many biological relatives to live into their late 90s or even past 100, so I figure with today's technology and our awareness of certain hazards (such as tobacco) I might live that long too!

So today, at 16 weeks 3 days, I am doing my update!

How far along? 16 weeks

Weight gain: 3 lbs gained back since my initial weight loss -- 117 lbs

Maternity clothes? I am definitely wearing maternity clothes! My favorite thing to wear these days are my jersey fold-over skirts from Old Navy (pictured Left) which I own in grey, black, brown, turquoise, and pink. They will be sticking around the duration of my pregnancy, especially in the summer months since they are very cool. On the Right, I am wearing a 'new' Old Navy maternity top from thredUP as well as Liz Lange for Target maternity jeans (the high tummy panel kind!).

I also bought several more items from thredUP which I will no doubt be showing off in future weekly updates. (if you click the link you can earn $10 towards your first purchase!)

Sleep: Well, funny thing is, my usual nighttime complaint (noisy upstairs neighbors) was NOT what kept me up last night. I was woken up by a dream that I was witness to a shooting (I've heard its pretty common to have nightmares about survival when pregnant) and couldn't get back to sleep for a while and then spent the rest of the night tossing and turning. So did Dillon for some reason.

Best Moment This Week: The Rhea Lana's clothing consignment sale. In my area, our sale brings in about 100,000 items from preemie to teen clothes, small toys to tricycles, bouncers to double strollers, home goods, and more. I stayed for 4 hours (not on purpose - the lines were so long) last weekend and I plan to attend the 1/2 price sale tonight when Dillon gets off work. I got so many items for my boys! So of course I'll share pictures of a small selection of the many things I bought:
Fox themed clothes + owl body suit (2 of the animals we will be focusing on for Baby Boy's room)
"Freshly Baked" onesie from Gap - my favorite purchase

Baby Boy's clothes

Big Brother Roman's t-shirts

Big Brother Roman's favorite toy EVER - a new pirate ship
excuse the mess in the background - we are packing!

Worst Moment This Week: Getting asked "You do know what causes that [pregnancy] right?" for the first time. As someone who can see myself as mother to many, I know I will hear this question again (because apparently its a hilarious joke), but never imagined it would be with my 2nd child. Honestly its ridiculous, but all I can do is respond with grace.

Miss Anything? Not yet!

Cravings: Cheeseburgers (which is funny because beef made me gag when I was pregnant with Roman. These 2 pregnancies could not be more different!)

Symptoms: Stomach aches and upset this week, pelvic pain (my doula suggested I get a support belt)

Looking Forward To: The anatomy scan at 20 weeks and feeling kicks. Right now I feel occasional movements but I think I am just feeling him move against the amniotic fluid which is then moving against my belly. Dillon can't feel him yet. Non-pregnancy: closing on our house in about a week!

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