Wednesday, April 15, 2015

22 Weeks

This will not be my typical weekly update:

I have really been feeling bad the past few weeks since our move. Extreme fatigue that surpasses typical pregnancy tiredness (and especially surpasses what I should be feeling in the 2nd trimester) as well as headaches and pubic bone/pelvic/hip pain that would send me to the floor.

We attended our 20 week ultrasound and were thrilled to know our baby boy was 100% perfect.

After a few weeks of monitoring my cervix at my OBGYN's office and seeing really unfavorable measurements in the ultrasound (it was shrinking or thinning), I was referred to a high risk doctor called a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. He handles most of the cervical cases in our state of Arkansas.

We had our ultrasound and consult with him yesterday and let them know through my medical history that I had a few risk factors for an incompetent cervix, which might lead him to choose a surgery called a cerclage which would hold my cervix closed if it thinned too much to extend my pregnancy to full term on its own.

During our ultrasound, the nurse found that my measurements were almost completely normal! Like no thinning was detected at all, which can only be seen as miraculous healing. The specialist was confused and decided to put me on 9 days of bed rest followed by another set of ultrasounds and consults to determine what was happening to my measurements.

So I'm on strict orders not to lift anything - including my toddler son - and to spend most of my day laying around resting, doing only light activities in my house.

I have waves of energy where I am able to clean, but for the most part I am incredibly tired all day, which my doctor confirmed was my body telling me to slow down because it needed time to adjust to the everyday rapid changes of my baby's growth and my body's stretching.

I am thanking God that he gave mothers these instincts and that I am receptive to the cues of my body. I know this intuition is a gift. I will be taking things especially easy until after the 24 Week milestone where our baby will be considered viable, but will probably will not take any physical risks until I know he is more developed after 30 weeks.

This is not what we expected from our 2nd pregnancy, since our 1st was a textbook 40 week pregnancy with no complications, but many incredibly weird things have happened to my body since then. The dilation and curettage procedure that I underwent during my postpartum weeks is just one example of many. I'm also only 21 (will be 22 this month) so I'm a bit of a stand out case in the MFM waiting room, where most mothers carry multiples, have genetic conditions, or are much older than me.

Please join us in praying that my cervix will hold until the baby is full term (36+ weeks), that my tiny body will withstand the pressures of carrying my baby, and for my thought life as I doubt myself and my ability to provide health for this child. (Honestly its NOT me that is doing this. It's God, and I need to realize He is constantly in control, despite my weakness.) We in no way wanted to be done bearing children this young, so the thought of enduring subsequent difficult pregnancies is a bit overwhelming at times.

We love all of our readers and friends and are grateful to have you on this ride with us!

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