Friday, April 3, 2015

A Toddler's Easter Basket - No Candy, Lots of Fun!

Today is Good Friday, a day in which Christians observe and reflect on the death of Jesus with special reverence. I'm spending a lot of today thinking and praying, but I decided to share with you some ideas for a toddler's Easter basket!

We don't like to give our son much candy because he is already a live wire and his peanut allergy limits us on what treats he is allowed to eat, so I do my Easter baskets a little differently than some!

Did you know how many chocolate candies are (or can be) contaminated with nuts due to candy companies using the same processing machines for different candy bars? Plain Hershey's would be fine for him, but if a Snickers contaminates the batch, it doesn't matter to the company at large. Read your labels! And please respect allergy families by ALWAYS asking a parent before feeding a child, even one you are familiar with. Our friends do such a good job of asking us first and I'm very grateful.

Here is a sneak peek of what I decided to put in our 2 year old, Roman's, Easter basket. He is obsessed with pirates, so when I saw all of these pirate party supplies and favors at Target, I knew we had hit the jackpot. 

This tin bucket was found with the Easter baskets, rather than the party supplies where much of our 'stuffing' came from. I was going to use our existing basket from years past, but decided that since we are giving him a pirate themed bedroom in our new house, that this durable tin would be long-lasting and versatile. 

These awesome pirate accessories are definitely going to rock our little guy's world. He already has 1 foam sword, but now him, Mommy, and Daddy can all play (or baby brother when he's big). I'm really looking forward to seeing his face when he puts all of this on!

2 bubble wands will kick off the Spring with some fun outdoor play.

You may have been thinking, Aw, Mom, really no candy!? Really. No candy. But these bunny shaped treats from Annie's are both adorable, delicious, and a little healthier than the alternative snacks. Our boy LOVES raisins as well, so these teeny packs will make him smile. 

Here is the final product! I am really pleased with how it turned out and hope this gave you a few ideas on non-candy treats to include in your toddler or child's Easter basket. Just pick some inexpensive items you can see your child truly enjoying, maybe sticking with a theme like I did, or even staying within the traditional Western Easter themes of bunnies, eggs, and pastels. 

While we don't do the Easter Bunny (for similar reason to why we don't do Santa) I really enjoy giving gifts to my family and want my son to enjoy special treats throughout the year. We will spend our Easter Sunday at church worshiping with passion and remembering the ultimate sacrifice. We plan to eat a special meal together (just our little family this year). In the future when Roman is old enough to take in the truth of Jesus and this holiday, we will probably incorporate more meaningful traditions as well. 

May we remember the reason for the season while also being able to enjoy cultural traditions in a wholesome way!

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