Monday, May 11, 2015

25 Weeks!

 My son Roman balancing on his "birth ball" just like Mommy. My doula recommended I get one of these to practice squatting and strengthen different areas of the body. I want to use this in early labor as well.

I was hanging out on the back porch while my son played. It was 81 degrees here this week. This is my unfiltered, no make up, honest look. 

How many weeks? 25

Weight gain: About 12 lbs. I'm 130 lbs

Maternity clothes? Top Photo: Gray Shirt --Old Navy from thredUP, Purple Tie-Dye Skirt --TJMaxx (not maternity)
Bottom Photo: Green Dress--Liz Lange maternity from thredUP

Best Moment This Week: We got to celebrate 2 babies. My husband's brother and his wife had a baby shower for their first son who will be named Jaxon, due in June, and I attended that on Sunday. Then on Wednesday my husband's cousin had her 6th baby, a girl named Honor! (Honor was Lauren's 2VB1HBA2C = 2nd vaginal birth, 1st home birth after 2 cesarean sections, which is amazing of itself!) We are very happy to see our family expanding.

We set up the crib this week! We have a convertible crib that goes to a toddler bed and then can be taken apart to use as a head and foot board. It had been in its toddler bed form, but we put it back to crib at its highest setting, put the sheets on the mattress, and cleaned it up. I will post a full blog update of the nursery when we get it finished.

Worst Moment This Week: I was emotional on Mother's Day because it wasn't what I expected. Life rarely is. We move on.

Miss Anything?  Picking up my son without worrying about the baby. I've been advised not to do that, but its really inevitable because I have to take him places by myself. How else do you get a 2 year old in a shopping cart or across a busy parking lot?

Cravings: Mexican dishes (we've had taco salad, soft tacos, and are having fajitas tonight), cinnamon toast crunch, cheese burgers, and chocolate. I'm trying very hard to maintain a balanced and healthy diet despite all of these crazy cravings coming my way!

Symptoms:  The pain I have in my pubic bone is identified as SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which means that my pubic bone is not aligned where it meets in the middle. So it can click and pop when I move and is typically very painful. It's recommended not to roll over in bed unless knees are together, swing legs out of a car unless knees are together, stand on 1 leg (like when putting on pants), or stand with 1 foot more elevated than another (like 1 foot on a curb, the other on the street). I'm dealing with this by whining a lot. I may see a chiropractor about this later in the pregnancy, but right now it is not bad enough to warrant that, especially since chiropractic care won't cure it by any means.

Looking Forward To: We have a 4D ultrasound scheduled for 28 weeks!

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