Tuesday, May 12, 2015

26 Weeks

How Many Weeks? 26

Weight gain: Weight--132 lbs, so I've gained 12 lbs since pre-pregnancy (not including the weight I lost when I was sick)

Maternity Clothes? Pale Pink Shirt-- Old Navy maternity, Teal Skirt -- Old Navy (not maternity) fold over jersey skirt, Black Sandals-- Old Navy (clearly you can see where I shop!)

Best Moment This Week? Dillon started a new job so we are back to a regular schedule where I am home with Roman alone from 7:30-5:30 every day. I get a lot done every day and am looking forward to having 2 boys to play with all day. This routine is good, buuuut, we miss our husband/daddy!

I am posing with my Ju Ju Be BFF back pack diaper bag! I got this over a week ago but this week I went out with it for the first times. It has so much room that I will definitely need for 2 kids! I recommend spending the extra money on a high quality diaper bag. Most cheaper bags will have 1 fatal flaw-- the straps cannot support the weight of all that stuff you will inevitable cram into your bag! I had back problems after Roman was born (from the labor) and it was exacerbated greatly by a really bad messenger bag.

Worst Moment This Week? Nothing bad, we just miss having Dillon home now that he's at his new job. We feel like normal people, though!

Miss Anything? Energy! But I am still doing pretty well.

Cravings: Mexican dishes, chocolate, Peanut Butter + Greek Yogurt + Honey to dip apples in

Symptoms: Reflux/Burning in my Throat especially if I lay down, the SPD (see previous update for a full definition of this), NESTING - I am out of control!

Looking Forward To: 4D ultrasound at 28 weeks, getting the nursery done, growing our cloth diaper stash! I bought a few more diapers this week and can't wait to get my fluff mail in. I even got 3 of the coveted Grovia O.N.E. that were released for a few hours and then sold out on Monday.

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