Saturday, August 8, 2015

Nolan's Nursery - Part 1

Welcome to Nolan's room!!

You are greeted at the door with his bedroom theme - woodland! I made this wreath using a $3 twig wreath from the Dollar Spot at Target, some felt animals from a diaper cake that was given to me at my shower, and a cheap wooden N from Hobby Lobby. 
Walk in the door and to the right is his nice sized closet with a GroVia Perfect Pail cloth diaper wet bag hanging on the back. I will get into the items you see later!

As you can see, he will have no shortage of clothes! Starting from the left are newborn clothes, of which we only have a few because babies tend to grow out of this size so quickly. I know our first, Roman, was out of newborn by 1 month old. If you look at the hanging rod, you see the circular clothing dividers. These are a great help to me so I never lose track of where the right sized clothing hangs. We have up through 6 months hung up right now and the larger sizes are either in cardboard boxes on the closet floor or in plastic boxes in the attic. 

Back outside the closet, we have this handy diaper caddy. With Roman, we got tons of use out of this for his disposable diapers and wipes as well as other miscellaneous items like burp clothes, medicine, pacifiers, and accessories. 
In the bottom center we have most of our Kissaluvs size 0 fitted cloth diapers laid out flat. The remaining few that didn't fit are on the top center beneath 2 GroVia Newborn cloth diapers. In the bottom left cubby are burp cloths. In the bottom right cubby are cloth boosters for extra absorbency. In all of the top pockets are misc. items like breast milk storage bags, cloth breast pads, infant medication, and pacifier clips. 

In the Moses basket, we have the same set-up we used with Roman - infant bath towels, infant wash cloths, and bibs.

The dresser/changing table combo has turned out beautifully! My parents got this dresser with a bedroom set they bought off someone and gave it to us after Roman's dresser fell apart. I love the lengthy surface area to store all of our needed items plus a few decorations. 

From the left side of the dresser first - The glass tree was a wedding shower gift and has lived in various places around our homes. The little fox beneath the tree was an inexpensive find from the current (2015) Fall collection at Hobby Lobby. In the striped basket are all of my dry cloth wipes. I'm not sure if I will spray as I go with a bottle of water or if I will make up a box of pre-moistened wipes. It will be trial and error. Laying out on the dresser is a comparison between a disposable newborn diaper and the cloth diaper covers from Thirsties that we will be using. I have a small stash of disposable diapers that we will definitely use for random occasions.

In the center of the dresser is the changing pad with a gray minky cover from Target over it. In the middle is a washable protector with a waterproof backing, so any messy changes can be easily cleaned up. In the center is a sneak-peek of his coming home outfit. I won't reveal any more than that until he's here!

On the far right is the 'necessities' box - Aveeno unscented lotions, petroleum jelly for newborn circumcision care, a few samples of natural rash cream that came with our cloth diaper package, pacifiers, wipes, and some Vanilla Lavender Glade spray. This is my favorite scent for a baby's room to freshen up after a nasty diaper. Of course Lavender essential oils would work better.

Inside the dresser: 
No pictures that I took here turned out well, so I will just list how I have things organized.
Top Left: Socks and smallest size shoes
Top Middle: Hats, swimming diapers, and breastfeeding covers
Top Right: Wet bags, extra changing pad covers (the small white ones)
Middle Left: Sleepers, sleep sacks, and velcro swaddle sacks
Middle Right: Pants
Bottom 2 Drawers: Cloth diapers that will be in our regular rotation after our Newborn package is outgrown. 
The Mr. Owl rug that went from Roman's old room into here ties the whole corner together. 

The next segment will detail the color of the walls, our wall decorations, the crib bedding, and the rocking chair corner! 

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