Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Month Cloth Diaper Update

Our youngest son Nolan is now a little over two months old so I wanted to update you on our cloth diaper adventure. We are still going strong with cloth and more inspired than ever to keep using it!

Cloth diapers are so cheap compared to using disposable full time - we have only bought 2 small packs of disposables for him in the past 2 months, most of which we used when we were all sick and I just couldn't get on top of the house work.

He has totally outgrown his newborn Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds and covers, so those are going back to the rental. We still recommend this to everyone starting cloth with their newborn! It is so affordable and works perfect at holding in those messy newborn poops.

Now days, our go-to diapering solution is a flour sack towel (FST) and a sturdy cover. I didn't go over flour sack towels in my cloth diaper how-to post, but they are my favorite! They are literally just thin, white towels that can be bought at Walmart in the kitchen section.

I bought a 10-pack and have been pad folding them in my diaper covers. This means I fold the larger square into fourths and then trifold that.

This pad fold will last the full 2 hours (the suggested time between diaper changes). It may look like thin fabric, but its very absorbent. Since Nolan is a little boy (duh) I often like to fold over the end of the FST that is in the front of his diaper to add extra absorbency by his penis where most leaks would happen, were we to have any.

The best thing about FSTs is that they are about $1 a piece! You will not find a cheaper diapering option!

Sure, I am passionate about conserving resources and stewarding our planet well, but I am mainly cloth diapering to save money! Our favorite covers are the Hybrid's from GroVia, which run about $16.95. I have bought many of them from buy, sell, trade (B/S/T) sites and clearance sales, so I don't typically pay full price for these either. A close second favorite are the Flip covers.

Even when I have clean All-in-Ones or Pockets, I still reach for my FST and covers first every single time. The FST also come clean very easily. Using my wash routine with Tide or Dreft, we never even have stains, which is something I was constantly combating with the fitteds.

I treat FST's like the Hybrid system and toss the wet absorbency into the pail after each use and then rotate between two covers throughout the day. Any poop diapers require me to throw the cover in the pail too.

If you are looking for an economical option for cloth diapering, you might benefit from searching for FST folding videos on YouTube for some creative folds to get maximum absorbency for boys and girls - but keep in mind that I simply pad fold mine and love it.

Feel free to chat with me on Facebook about anything related to cloth diapers. Have you ever tried flour sack towels? Or tried and loved a diapering option you didn't expect?