Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of 2015, and Wishes for the New Year

It is the last day of 2015, so of course I need to write a post summing up my year and refreshing myself for the new year. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't capitalize on this opportunity?

2014 was one of our hardest years to date, so I marked 2015 as my year of "Hope." It would have been easy to focus on the negative things that threatened that hope. Several times, I thought, What the heck, God? How are you going to use this? 

2015 in Summary

  • Started the year out pregnant with our 2nd blessing and SICK
  • Found and purchased our first house
  • Joined Jen Hatmaker's FOR THE LOVE Launch Team
  • My husband lost his job the day before we moved into the house (through no fault of his own)
  • A season of new bills and unemployment
  • A scare with my cervix potentially being incompetent for the pregnancy
  • Healing of that issue! 
  • Finding out we were expecting another baby BOY
  • My husband taking a paid internship at a college textbook store
  • Planning for a natural birth
  • Raising a strong willed 2.5 year old who pushed us to tears (of happiness and frustration)
  • Going through a season of personal doubt
  • Being 'over due' with our baby
  • Launched the book with my lovely team, who are now as close as family!
  • Deciding to induce at 41 weeks and foregoing the natural birth
  • Greeting our 9 pound, 4 ounce son and falling so in love with him
  • Fighting for my breastfeeding relationship through N's lip and tongue ties - minor surgical procedure and healing for us both
  • Finding my place as a mom of 2 boys
  • Experiencing birth trauma and coping with that for almost 4 months
  • Finding healing from the trauma through a divine conversation with our OBGYN and through prayer
  • Celebrating R turning 3 years old and enjoying some new maturity and language development
  • My husband accepting a promotion as a manager of his very own textbook store!
Holy wow! Hope certainly prevailed in all aspects of our life. I am floored at what God can do with a year! 

I searched myself for a word to apply to 2016 and I really came up with 'Self Care' and 'Building Up,' I have many areas of personal growth to apply myself to. From managing anxiety to bettering myself as a writer. I have opportunities to launch more books, advocate for more of my passions, and build up this blog. I also need to build up my husband, as his helpmeet and friend, and to teach and mold my sons in a way that sets a foundation for the way we want the rest of our lives to go, 

So here are a few 'wishes' for 2016:
  • 3 year old preschool for R (at home)
  • Get R back in gymnastics or some activity 
  • Still be nursing at next New Years
  • Create some kind of garden and chronicle the process
  • Write (somewhere) every day
  • Organize and simplify our stuff
  • Get some medical answers to my anxiety problems and find a treatment I can live with
  • Read 12 books
  • Read/listen to the Bible in a year
  • Uphold our family & home life while my husband meets his goals
  • Launch some more books
  • Become a GroVia cloth diaper advocate 
  • Refresh my wardrobe
  • Walk more
I call these wishes because they are still up for change and refining. I'm still praying about tangible ways to make them happen or trusting God to provide my needs and then some of my wants. I want to maintain my joy throughout the year - even when I'm not happy. 

You may have noticed that weight loss and diets are not on my wish list. I'm nursing, so I nourish my body well while allowing for a few cravings. It's all about balance. And let's get real. I am not an athlete or someone who loves to push my body to work out. I balance 2 boys 24 hours a day and often that is physically demanding enough. I'm all about Self Care this year and that means allowing rest in a world where mothers are pushed to give themselves up to a detrimental level. I want to incorporate some outdoor walks into our weekly life, especially when the weather is good.

I'm filling my own cup first this year so I can overflow into my family's cups. 

I'm loving myself in 2016 and I'm going to reap the benefits of that. I advise you do the same!

What does your wish list (or your word of the year) look like for 2016? I'd love to pray over that for you.