Friday, January 15, 2016

Get to Know Me With 5 Simple Words

Today I am once again linking up with #FridayFive in a 'get to know you' post. I am a very multi-faceted person, so selecting only five adjectives was the challenge! Hopefully we can connect a little as you read and view some pictures of me over the past few years.

As I've stated in my About Me (top of the page!), Jesus is the most important part of me. I find my strength, refuge, and healing in Him. I know God has created me uniquely and I can either use my gifts to glorify Him, or by Him I can refine the not-so-good parts of my character that have developed over 22 years in this messy world.

Roman and me on my old college campus
  1. Passionate - This was the first adjective to cross my mind and it fits me to a T. I do not ever 'half-ass' anything I do and when I decide I like something, I am consumed by it. I am passionate about my relationship with my kids. My two boys are the most important aspect of my life and have defined a huge part of my personality - attachment parenting. I am very passionate about letting my babies nurse whenever they want, sleep whenever they need and wherever is comfortable for that stage of life, being in tune with their body language and cues, and treating them like important human beings worthy of respect. I can get worked up about cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, and the hundreds of uses for coconut oil as well.

    Roman and me on the college campus again. The mascot is the Bear.
  2. Inquisitive - I love learning and researching on many subjects. What started in school as a quality that helped me excel in AP classes and get scholarships has turned into endless Pinterest boards and Google searches for new skills. Topics like healthy eating and cooking, recycling and composting, parenting, those addicting cloth diapers, homemaking skills, and the deeper topics like religion all spark my interest on a regular basis. I spent my entire pregnancy with N researching cloth diapers every night after R went to bed. I made a new break through almost daily and began to feel more and more confident. By the time we had a tiny little bottom to diaper, I was pretty sure of the whole thing and excited to get started.

  3. Dramatic - Hey, I can be honest on this one. I have always been and probably will always be dramatic. Queen of the eye roll. Every little thing is a catastrophe, I get overwhelmed easily, and I will probably never forget any way I've been done wrong. I'm not going to try to make a positive spin on this. It is what it is. I'll fill in my bold eyebrows and crank Adele any ole day.
    We took this to capture a particularly crazy shopping trip - we made it out alive! 
  4. Introverted - I've taken the Meyers Briggs personality test multiple times and always get INFJ (introverted, intuition, feeling, judging). Small groups of friends are just about all I can manage. Large crowds and especially events where I don't know anyone are close to torture for me. My anxiety takes over and I absolutely cannot deal. Outwardly, I may be bringing a fierce RBF, but inside I'm pretty much making sure I can see all the exits while simultaneously talking myself down from bolting. I recharge by being totally alone and listening to music. After a long day with the kids, I really need to pass them off to Dad and retreat to the bedroom. I often take a long, hot shower while listening to The Civil Wars Pandora Radio station and just let my thoughts go to myself. Not whose mouth needs fed or what subtle cues either of them are putting off or any of the incessant anxieties that flash across my brain by the minute. I just think selfish thoughts. Don't take it personally if you don't see me for weeks at a time. I like to be within my comfort zone. The internet helps me stay connected with friends on a regular basis.
    This is what I really look like on a daily basis. At home, crazy hair, no make up, and a baby strapped to my chest.
  5. Loving - This may not always exude from me, but I have a very tender heart. My kids are my number one(s) and being a mother has only increased my bleeding heart for babies. I can't stand thinking about all of the suffering children across the world are enduring - from outright abuse and neglect, to poverty, to bullying, to abandonment. I will congratulate you loudly on any pregnancy and will be your prayer warrior through it all. Where will this lead me one day? I'm not sure, but I've certainly thought about adoption, fostering, and advocacy. Another group of special people I love and want to minister to is teen or young moms. I want them to find their voice and their power. Their identities as mothers matter. I want to fill them with facts on both the practical and emotional sides of parenting. I want them to know that the Church doesn't just care about their baby for the sake of being 'pro-life' but that I care about HER and I care about the person her baby will become. Soap. Box. I have a tiny bit of experience in this category, as a woman who became a mother at the age of 19, and I will definitely never forget those who made me feel positively throughout the experience.

    Little mommy, big babies. 
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