Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5 Must-Have Cloth Diaper Accessories

What an amazing time to be using cloth diapers! There are dozens of companies dedicated to making modern cloth diapering as easy and fun as possible. And yes, I said fun. I personally find cloth diapering to be a hobby and I don't view diapering my child as a chore. I thought I would pass on a few of my favorite tips and accessories for making cloth diapering simple.

This is like a giant chapstick for your baby's bum! Chock full of organic goodness, this will create a barrier as well as clear up minor irritation. Just twist up the tube and avoid messy fingers. It also comes in an Itty Bitty magic stick for throwing in the diaper bag.

A liner can keep poop off of your diapers and make clean up easy! Once your baby transitions to eating solid food you will need to remove the poop from the diaper fully before throwing it in the washer. Exclusively breastfed babies' poop can be washed without removing poop first because it is water soluble. GroVia and other companies sell disposable (not flushable) liners, but an alternative is Viva paper towels. Specifically the package labelled "like cloth." We have used the paper towels exclusively since Little Hippie started solid food. Dump poop in the toilet and throw the paper towel or liner in the trash. Liners are also awesome if your baby is using a cream that is not cloth safe, such as Desitin or A&D. 

Wet Bag
In our nursery, we have a GroVia Perfect Pail hanging on the back of the closet door. This pail is awesome because it has an overlapping opening on the top to stuff dirty diapers in. The overlapping opening allows necessary airflow without permitting stink. It also has a zip off bottom so you can open it over your washer and let all the diapers easily fall out. I have a clothing bar over my top loading washer, so I simply hang the pail over the washer, unzip, and let gravity do the work for me. Those diapers can be heavy after 2 days so this is nice. 

You will also want a small wet bag to put in your diaper bag when you go out. I prefer the zippered wetbags with a handle. The handle is great for slipping over a door knob, or with the button feature you can secure them over a stroller handle. 

This is an enzyme stain and odor remover. It is ideal for removing poop from diapers. Often when Little Hippie poops on his GroVia soaker and I have forgotten the liner (it happens more often than I like to admit!) I will get all of it off that I can with toilet paper and then spray Bac Out on it before popping it in the pail. This way it inhibits bacterial growth. I will also spray this on some of my dirty diapers before they go into the washer. 

Drying Rack
I have absolutely loved having a metal, folding clothes drying rack to dry my covers or sun my soakers on. I don't ever put my covers (or shells as GroVia calls them) in the dryer. When I have stains on the soakers, I also prefer to lay them on top of the drying rack and stick it out in the sun. The UV rays will 'bleach' (in color only, it will not sanitize) the stain right out. 

I hope these cloth diaper accessories helped you feel more confident adopting cloth diapers as your go-to. Cloth is part of our 'normal' and I absolutely love the benefits it provides (money saving, Earth preserving, and cute baby booty). As always, please ask me any questions. The best way to contact me is through my Facebook page That Hippie Friend.

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