Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Flats Challenge - What Am I Using? What Does It Cost?

Hi again, I'm Bethany and I am continuing the 6th Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry. Today I will be sharing my #StashShot and breaking down exactly how much I spent on everything. Yesterday I shared my motivation for joining the challenge.

In the cloth diapering community, parents often call their cloth diapers their "stash" and are very proud to show it off. There have been hashtag movements like #StashShotSunday where we line up all of our pretties, take a photo, and post it to private cloth diapering Facebook pages. It's super fun to see what types of diapers other parents are using.

For the challenge, I chose to use Flour Sack Towels (henceforth called FSTs) from Walmart as my exclusive absorbency. I purchased 20 FSTs the week before the challenge and paid $7.88 for each pack of 10. That is less than $1 per FST, which is awesome in my book. There was also the option of buying a pack of 5 for $4.34 or 1 FST for $0.97. I already had 10 FSTs which were a part of my regular line up, prior to the challenge.

I will also be using covers, which are a waterproof outer layer with no absorbency. I have chosen to use mostly my Flip covers because they are easy to wipe out between changes. These covers will be rotated throughout the day since it is very easy to wipe off any pee residue which may have touched it and let it air dry between changes. The exception to this will be Saturday when I am hosting a booth for GroVia at a local birth fair, so I will be using my GroVia covers.

My accessories will include fleece liners made from a fleece throw blanket I got from Walmart for $1.88 and cut up. Fleece liners will make it easy to dump poop into the toilet, making washing so much easier! They are also a stay-dry barrier which wicks moisture away from baby's bottom, keeping him happier.

I will also be using homemade flannel wipes sprayed with tap water, a large wet bag to store the diapers in, and a metal drying rack.

Old photo featuring some of my regular (non challenge compliant) stash

To wash, I decided to go with a camp washer, which is comprised of a 5 gallon bucket and plunger. The plunger provides agitation. I will go into full detail on my wash routine later this week! On a cloth diaper washing site I frequent, there has been a lot of talk about Foca detergent being a top pick, but it is not safe for HE machines so I never tried it until now. It is crazy cheap. I also have tested my water and it is hard, so I will be adding Borax to each load.

Stash Cost Breakdown

  • 30 FSTs - $23.64
  • 4 Covers - $14.95 each - $59.80 (However, I bought 2 of mine from a local Buy/Sell/Trade for about half price and another one brand new on a Cotton Babies sale for about 10% off. For the purpose of showing what they would cost new, though, we will say $14.95.)
  • 40 Fleece Liners - $1.88
  • 25 Flannel Wipes - $2.00
  • Spray Bottle - $1.00
  • Pail Liner - $15.25

Camp Washer Cost Breakdown

  • 5 gallon Bucket with Lid - $2.98
  • Plunger - $2.98 

Detergent Cost Breakdown

  • Foca powder (4.4lb bag)  - $3.59
  • Borax (76 oz box) - $4.17 (Optional, for Hard Water)

Total: $117.29

Remember, this is only the start-up cost. You will be able to re-use everything except the detergent and optional water softener (Borax) for the entirety of your 3 year (or more) diapering journey. You could purchase these things a little at a time every month of your pregnancy to break up the cost.

I really hope this helped. Please chat with me about any aspect of cloth! I am happy and excited to talk about cloth day and night.

For the full rules of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, visit Dirty Diaper Laundry - Flats Challenge

I am linking up with Dirty Diaper Laundry for Day Two so head over there to check out other families stashes!

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