Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Am Back!

After an odd couple of months, I am back to the blogging world. Due to some unfortunately missed emails, I lost the domain I previously had, so my address is slightly different, but everything else will remain the same!

So how about a brief update?

Birth - 1 Year
Little Hippie, my youngest, turned 1 in August and wow, was it emotional for me! In the months after his birth I experienced birth trauma, hid that for a few months, and then began the journey of healing from Postpartum Anxiety and Depression with the help of medication. Not at all the postpartum journey I would have envisioned, but its my reality! I am now doing fantastic and my mood disorder is very much managed. While I am in no way proud of it, I am conscious of the fact that so many women need me to be a voice for this disorder - to name it and say it will not win.

Little Hippie is still breastfeeding (very proud of that!) and will continue to as long as he desires. We are also OF COURSE still using cloth diapers. I am constantly posting about them still, so check out my Facebook page where I post frequently. LH is also still on #teamnosleep and would prefer to be on the boob all night, but we are working on gently transitioning him. He spends a few hours per evening as well as all naps in a separate room.

In addition to cloth and breastfeeding, my other obsessions currently include Tula baby carriers (we bought our first this year!), grow with me maxaloons, and constantly scrolling through BST/auction pages or Goodwill for a great deal.

Wild One, my oldest, is almost 4! *sad face* He is growing up entirely too fast. This year we started him on a home-based preschool program called HIPPY (of course I love the name) which provides a home-based-educator who visits us once a week to give me the lessons as well as all supplies. I teach him his daily lessons. This has been a great way to start homeschool and do some trial and error. He is loving his school and I think its been great to have him at home doing tiny lessons and spending the rest of his day in free play.

The holidays are coming up and it is my goal this year to throw myself full force into making sure we give, give, give to others this season. Entitlement and disregard for one's luxuries like toys are issues I can see Wild One struggling with, so I want to ensure that during this time of birthday and Christmas, he is able to give with joy instead of only receiving with greed. I plan to use a kindness Elf, my own spin on the Elf on the Shelf and other ideas I've gathered from Pinterest, to spark some fun in each day, as well as encourage my boys to do some kind acts for others. It is my intention to post frequently about what our Elf, named Legolas, helps us get into!

So lets interact - what is something you want me to write about? Cloth, breastfeeding, essential oils, parenting, young/teen parenting, my favorite TV shows (lol), Jesus and why I love it!

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